6th Generation Kalos Pokémon

roussil,rutena,テールナー,테르나,長尾火狐 / 长尾火狐
It has a twig stuck in its tail. With friction from its tail fur, it sets the twig on fire and launches into battle.
generation kalos [6]
Type fire
height 3. 03"
weight 32.0 lbs
category Fox
abilities Blaze
weaknesses water, ground, rock
colimucus,viscargot,ヌメイル,미끄네일,黏美兒 / 黏美儿
The swirly protrusion on its back is filled with all its vital organs, such as its brain and heart.
generation kalos [6]
Type dragon
height 2. 07"
weight 38.6 lbs
category Soft Tissue
abilities Hydration
weaknesses fairy, ice, dragon
sepiatop,iscalar,マーイーカ,오케이징,好啦魷 / 好啦鱿
It spins while making its luminescent spots flash. These spots allow it to communicate with others by using different patterns of light.
generation kalos [6]
Type dark psychic
height 1. 04"
weight 7.7 lbs
category Revolving
abilities Suction Cups
weaknesses fairy, bug
flingouste,scampisto,ウデッポウ,완철포,鐵臂槍蝦 / 铁臂枪虾
This Pokémon launches water by detonating gas inside its right claw. It snipes flying Pokémon.
generation kalos [6]
Type water
height 1. 08"
weight 18.3 lbs
category Water Gun
abilities Mega Launcher
weaknesses grass, electric
sonistrelle,ef-em,オンバット,음뱃,嗡蝠 / 嗡蝠
This Pokémon emits ultrasonic waves from its large ears to search for fruit to eat. It mistakes Applin for its food.
generation kalos [6]
Type flying dragon
height 1. 08"
weight 17.6 lbs
category Sound Wave
abilities Frisk
weaknesses fairy, rock, ice , dragon
chevroum,chevrumm,ゴーゴート,고고트,坐騎山羊 / 坐骑山羊
It can sense the feelings of others by touching them with its horns. This species has assisted people with their work since 5,000 years ago.
generation kalos [6]
Type grass
height 5. 07"
weight 200.6 lbs
category Mount
abilities Sap Sipper
weaknesses fire, flying, ice, poison, bug
kravarech,tandrak,ドラミドロ,드래캄,毒藻龍 / 毒藻龙
Using a liquid poison, Dragalge indiscriminately attacks anything that wanders into its territory. This poison can corrode the undersides of boats.
generation kalos [6]
Type poison dragon
height 5. 11"
weight 179.7 lbs
category Mock Kelp
abilities Poison Point
weaknesses psychic, ground, ice, dragon
sapereau,scoppel,ホルビー,파르빗,掘掘兔 / 掘掘兔
It excels at digging holes. Using its ears, it can dig a nest 33 feet deep in one night.
generation kalos [6]
Type normal
height 1. 04"
weight 11.0 lbs
category Digging
abilities Pickup
weaknesses fighting
ptyranidur,balgoras,チゴラス,티고라스,寶寶暴龍 / 宝宝暴龙
This is an ancient Pokémon, revived in modern times. It has a violent disposition, and it’ll tear apart anything it gets between its hefty jaws.
generation kalos [6]
Type rock dragon
height 2. 07"
weight 57.3 lbs
category Royal Heir
abilities Strong Jaw
weaknesses steel, fighting, dragon, ice, fairy, ground
pérégrain,puponcho,コフーライ,분떠도리,粉蝶蛹 / 粉蝶蛹
If Rufflet attacks this Pokémon by pecking at it, it will retaliate with its sharp fur and poisonous black powder.
generation kalos [6]
Type bug
height 1. 00"
weight 18.5 lbs
category Scatterdust
abilities Shed Skin
weaknesses fire, flying, rock
If Rufflet attacks this Pokémon by pecking at it, it will retaliate with its sharp fur and poisonous black powder.