2nd Generation Johto Pokémon

cornèbre,kramurx,ヤミカラス,니로우,黑暗鴉 / 黑暗鸦
Feared and loathed by many, it is believed to bring misfortune to all those who see it at night.
generation johto [2]
Type dark flying
height 1. 08"
weight 4.6 lbs
category Darkness
abilities Insomnia
weaknesses fairy, electric, ice, rock
steelix,steelos,ハガネール,강철톤,大鋼蛇 / 大钢蛇
It is said that if an Onix lives for over 100 years, its composition changes to become diamond-like.
generation johto [2]
Type steel ground
height 30. 02"
weight 881.8 lbs
category Iron Snake
abilities Rock Head
weaknesses fire, water, fighting, ground
farfuret,sniebel,ニューラ,포푸니,狃拉 / 狃拉
This cunning Pokémon hides under the cover of darkness, waiting to attack its prey.
generation johto [2]
Type dark ice
height 2. 11"
weight 61.7 lbs
category Sharp Claw
abilities Keen Eye
weaknesses steel, fire, fighting , rock, fairy, bug
scarhino,skaraborn,ヘラクロス,헤라크로스,赫拉克羅斯 / 赫拉克罗斯
It loves sweet nectar. To keep all the nectar to itself, it hurls rivals away with its prized horn.
generation johto [2]
Type bug fighting
height 4. 11"
weight 119.0 lbs
category Single Horn
abilities Swarm
weaknesses fire, psychic, flying , fairy
coxy,ledyba,レディバ,레디바,芭瓢蟲 / 芭瓢虫
This Pokémon is very sensitive to cold. In the warmth of Alola, it appears quite lively.
generation johto [2]
Type bug flying
height 3. 03"
weight 23.8 lbs
category Five Star
abilities Swarm
weaknesses fire, flying, electric, ice, rock
ho-oh,ho-oh,ホウオウ,칠색조,鳳王 / 凤王
Ho-Oh’s feathers glow in seven colors depending on the angle at which they are struck by light. These feathers are said to bring happiness to the bearers. This Pokémon is said to live at the foot of a rainbow.
generation johto [2]
Type fire flying
height 12. 06"
weight 438.7 lbs
category Rainbow
abilities Pressure
weaknesses water, electric, rock
tournegrin,sonnkern,ヒマナッツ,해너츠,向日種子 / 向日种子
It suddenly falls out of the sky in the morning. Knowing it’s weak, it simply feeds until it evolves.
generation johto [2]
Type grass
height 1. 00"
weight 4.0 lbs
category Seed
abilities Chlorophyll
weaknesses fire, flying, ice, poison, bug
hoothoot,hoothoot,ホーホー,부우부,咕咕 / 咕咕
It always stands on one foot. It changes feet so fast, the movement can rarely be seen.
generation johto [2]
Type normal flying
height 2. 04"
weight 46.7 lbs
category Owl
abilities Keen Eye
weaknesses electric, ice, rock
feurisson,igelavar,マグマラシ,마그케인,火岩鼠 / 火岩鼠
Quilava keeps its foes at bay with the intensity of its flames and gusts of superheated air. This Pokémon applies its outstanding nimbleness to dodge attacks even while scorching the foe with flames.
generation johto [2]
Type fire
height 2. 11"
weight 41.9 lbs
category Volcano
abilities Blaze
weaknesses water, ground, rock
démanta,mantax,マンタイン,만타인,巨翅飛魚 / 巨翅飞鱼
If it builds up enough speed swimming, it can jump out above the waves and glide for over 300 feet.
generation johto [2]
Type water flying
height 6. 11"
weight 485.0 lbs
category Kite
abilities Water Absorb
weaknesses electric , rock
If it builds up enough speed swimming, it can jump out above the waves and glide for over 300 feet.